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Raising Children Who Refuse to be Raised How to Order a Publication

What Others are Saying...
Raising Children Who Refuse to be Raised

"If you are the parent or therapist of a child who lies, steals, is hyperactive, traumatized, distrustful, aggressive, belligerent, or explosive, you will find in this book the fundamentals of parenting such a child. Dr. Ziegler is a dedicated practitioner and foster parent who writes from his 30 years experience of living and working with children who have multiple problems. He looks at traditional understandings of behavior disordered children with a critical, fresh eye. Any parent with a difficult child to raise could benefit from his suggestions. This book will inform, engage, challenge, and disarm you, but most of all it will give you hope."
–Janine Gordon, M.D.,
Board Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

"When we first met Dave, we had a merry-go-round life - predictable, safe, married, no kids. Our first daughter came along when she was twelve years old, with two failed adoptions and many challenges. We were in way over our heads! Through his common sense, down-to-earth approach, Dave took us from 'parenting 101' to graduate school. He can make the hardest principle understandable and user friendly. We now have five special daughters; they are growing up with success in their lives and are becoming confident in their self-worth. With Dave's help, we have grown right along with them.
–Dan and Edie Vink,
Adoptive Parents

"Among the most misunderstood children are survivors of profound abuse and neglect, often beginning in utero. These youngsters get multiple diagnostic labels such as ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, PTSD, Bipolar, FAS, RAD, etc. They're not mentally ill! The adaptive behaviors they've created for survival are the very ones that confound, frustrate and frighten even the most patient caregivers and therapists. Dr. Dave Ziegler writes with the clarity that comes from working with these kids for 30 years. He provides a great mix of wisdom, humor, and practical tools for families and their therapists/coaches. The safe emotional environment he describes combines optimal structure and appropriate limits with nourishment and compassion. Going beyond behavioral management, he shows how to create a context of hope wherein they can begin to accept their past, allow people to love and care for them, and finally bloom and develop."

–Beverly James, M.S.W.,
Therapist, Author and Trauma Expert


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