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SAFE Center

SAFE  stands for Stabilization, Assessment and Family Evaluation. The SAFE Center is a nationally accredited (Council on Accreditation) and state licensed residential treatment center for children ages 3-13. The program provides an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization. Length of stay in the program typically ranges from 3-90 days, but can go longer if deemed appropriate by the child's community team.

SAFE Center Location
The SAFE Center is located 3 miles from I-105, just east of Springfield on 22 acres of picturesque rural property which includes a pond, a forest of tall evergreens and oaks, nature trails, a sports field, a garden, and outdoor recreational equipment.  The main facility is a large residential building that resembles a ski lodge.  There is also a large covered play facility.

Children receive the following:

  • An in-depth assessment report which includes the child's overall functioning, diagnosis, medications, academic placement, and treatment needs. History and functioning of the family is included along with recommendations.

  • Stabilization of children in crisis.

  • Education in a certified school complete with education staff who evaluate each child's academic functioning, learning styles and specific behavioral and learning challenges in the academic setting.

  • A psychiatric evaluation by a psychiatrist which addresses the child's medication regimen, provides diagnostic impressions, and specifies recommendations for the child's aftercare.

  • A medical assessment by a licensed R.N. who also monitors the child's medications and overall health and well being.

  • A highly structured, staff secured, therapeutic environment which emphasizes safety, personal awareness and accountability, and support for working on behavioral goals.

  • A daily recreational program which emphasizes pro-social, cooperative teamwork and reaching personal recreational goals.

  • A balanced, healthy diet which excludes processed and artificial ingredients in food and incorporates natural organic ingredients.

Family Involvement
Children cannot be optimally helped without the family's involvement. Families participate fully in the child's assessment, providing valuable historical information, observing program staff in action with the children, and receiving new skills for managing the child's challenging behaviors. The program provides an on-site apartment in which families, who come from a distance, can stay for 2-3 day periods cost free while participating with their child in the program.

Level of Supervision
Each of the bedrooms in the program is equipped with state-of-the-art video and audio monitoring systems so that staff can monitor the movement of the children at night (video monitoring is not invasive and is only used to monitor nighttime hours). Children have adult supervision at all times at a staffing ratio of one adult to every three children. Staff are certified in crisis intervention (CPI) to handle the most difficult and disruptive behavior.

Who Pays the Costs

Generally families do not pay for services at the SAFE Center if the child is referred by a mental health funding source. Program costs are usually paid by contract with the State Department of Human Services and County Mental Health, Managed Health Organizations and private insurance. The program encourages cooperative agreements between child welfare and mental health organizations to pay for individual contracts for children. Private insurance plans can also cover short periods of inpatient treatment.

Making Referrals to the SAFE Center

The primary referral sources for the SAFE Center are State Child Welfare, Mental Health Organizations and parents. Families are welcome to call the program Director for more information. To make a referral call 541-741-7402 and ask for the Director.

What to Bring to the SAFE Center

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