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Are you looking for information about making a referral? Are you a Parent Looking for Help for Your Child?

The Village Program

The Village Program builds on the notion that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Based on current research and our own experience working with children and families over the last three decades, the program is family-driven, collaborative, individualized, culturally competent and community based. The Village Program uses a team-based approach called Individualized Service/Support Planning or ISP. It is a wraparound model that builds on family strengths and highlights team cohesiveness and mutual respect. Team members include parents, family support people, community stakeholders and Jasper Mountain staff. Each team member brings his or her own unique knowledge and skills to the process and all partners are equal participants. Jasper Mountain serves as a partner in the process by facilitating the team meetings, providing case management, contributing ideas, services, staff and support.

Goal of the Program
The goal of The Village Program is to partner with families and community stakeholders to support and maintain children in their homes and communities. We believe that both families and local communities will be strengthened in this process. The Village Program can be used to transition children from residential treatment programs back to their homes as well as to keep children in their homes, with added support as an alternative to residential treatment.

Who is Eligible?
The program is available to Lane County families whose children have special needs, require intensive mental health services, and are under the age of 13. For families with children over the age of 13, we are available to help facilitate a wraparound process with one of our community partners.

What Services are Offered?
A full range of services is available to families, and many of these services can be provided in the child’s home. Since the process is family-driven, the family decides what they need and the team works together to develop a plan to meet those needs. Possible services include the following:

  • In-Home Support:  Treatment staff work with a child in the child’s home (for example, three days a week for three hours each day). How the time is spent will be individualized for each family and, for example, might include working with the child to help him or her understand him/herself better, express emotions in a constructive manner, build self-esteem and develop positive peer friendships. Staff might “coach” parents about how to provide more effective structure for their child, improve sibling relationships, work with the local school, or simply have more fun as a family. In other words, we will bring components of the agency’s residential program into the family setting.

  • Individual Therapy:  Individual therapy can be provided for children who have experienced significant trauma. Depending on the needs of the particular child, this service can be provided either in the child’s home or community. Therapy is provided by Qualified Mental Health Professionals licensed by the State of Oregon and specifically trained to work with traumatized children.

  • Family Therapy:  Family therapy is available for those who would like to enhance family functioning or address a particular issue.  This service is provided by Qualified Mental Health Professionals licensed by the State of Oregon and specifically trained to work with special needs children and their families. Family therapy can be provided in the home or community.

  • Educational Assistance:  Jasper Mountain’s educational staff can support families in communicating with their local school districts to get their children’s needs met. In addition, we can offer Day Treatment services for children who require alternative educational experience.

  • Psychiatric Support:  Psychiatric oversight, including medication management, is available for those children whose diagnoses require pharmacological support.

  • 24-Hour Crisis Support:  A crisis plan will be developed with each family in the event the child’s behavior escalates to an unsafe level which the family believes is endangering either the child or other members of the family. Jasper Mountain has a 24-hour crisis program which is available to Lane County families.
  • Respite Opportunities:  We believe that all parents need to take time to relax and recharge their batteries in order to be the best parents they can be. Respite can be arranged with Jasper’s treatment foster families who have been trained to work with special needs children.
  • Networking Opportunities: The Village Program can facilitate opportunities for parents to connect with other parents who are parenting children with special needs, either via e-mail or at a parent support group. In addition, we can link parents with additional community resources that might be helpful.

Because each family is unique, other services can be developed to meet individual family needs. The Village process is not static and is continuously evaluated, adjusted or changed as necessary, in order to better meet a family’s needs and priorities. Ideally, services are offered on a short-term basis. However, services can be reinstated as needed.

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