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What Staff Say About Working at Jasper Mountain

The following are staff responses to the question, "What is your favorite part about working for Jasper Mountain":

"I have learned so much about our children, and every day I learn something new about each of them.  But my favorite part about working at Jasper is the fact that I continually learn something new everyday about myself, and in turn this will help me become a more effective person in life as well as in my career." –A.L.

"Working with the children and seeing them work on their treatment issues and improve themselves." –B.B.

"I love having the opportunity to be a part of these children’s lives in a meaningful, therapeutic capacity, with all of the attendant dividends of personal growth and fulfillment." –D.B.

"It’s being a part of a family of individuals committed to seeing these kids heal." –K.L.

"Getting to see the good changes in the lives of children." –T.E.

"Knowing that if he were alive, my father would be proud of what I do." –B.M.

"I love seeing the kids grow, mature, and get healthy.  It is so rewarding to see them get better and transition back into a family and change." –D.S.

"It’s hard to put these in order of importance but I like the: teamwork, atmosphere, making a difference, energy of the agency, and the opportunity to continue to grow as a person."–D.Z.

"Playing with the kids!" –E.G.

"Having the opportunity to actively work with children who need behavioral and emotional support at an agency that whole-heartedly invests themselves in their progress and rehabilitation is the most refreshing part of my day." –J.T.

"Watching the kids grow more kid-like and the adults more proud they are making a difference in the world." –J.H.

"Jasper is one big family.  There is so much love and support."  –J.K.

"My favorite part about working at Jasper is the sense of purpose that comes with the job.  Everything I contribute has an effect on the lives of the children and families we serve; and at the end of the day it feels really good to know that."  –J.E.

"I have truly enjoyed getting to know these kids and watching the vast changes they make from the time they come here to the time they leave.  I also love that we are encouraged to be involved with so many outdoor sports and activities." –K.M.

"The Children!  This is by far the best job I have ever had." –K.D.

"My favorite part of working at Jasper is on weekends when I get to wake up the kids each morning and be the first thing in their day." –L.F.

"What really touches my heart is seeing the positive changes the kids make from the time they arrive to when they leave." –P.S.

"Working with the kids and their different treatment issues, making new friends and improving on my social and cultural skills.  Above all the love, hugs, smiles, support and encouragement that I have been getting from the entire staff."–R.K.

"The kids!  We have amazing children at Jasper.  I have loved getting to know each one of them.  I also appreciate and enjoy the entire staff.  There is a great sense of support and teamwork."  –S.H.

"The people I work with, the kids, the location(s).  Knowing that what we do makes a difference rather than a profit." –S.B.

"Obviously the kids and watching how much they change while they are here.  I have also learned a great deal about myself in the last 7 years, and realize that I want to continue on in this field of work." –A.M.

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